F.H.Lambert Limited 50 Years (1963-2013)

Quotation for Services

We provide you with a guide estimate (ballpark figure) and then a final quotation once we have the necessary information in relation to your parts.

Email us for a Quotation

Email Dimensions: quote@fhlambert.com

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Adobe Reader Part Information; for Add/ Edit (Contract Review) 106 KB


For us to generate a quotation, measure the dimensions of the items to be plated. Most computer-aided design (CAD) programs offer the feature of automatically calculating the surface area; this information can instead be supplied by you for us to process quicker. Please note we can only recieve *.jpg, *.pdf, *.bmp, *.doc, files attached to emails.

It is also possible to send us the actual items for measuring; this is the preferred method as we will have a clearer understanding of what is required.


To proceed with an order, please supply a Purchase Order with your full contact details.


F.H.Lambert use a custom designed database which contains data relating to every customer. This data contains item photos, measuring data, and diagrams of every item that has been plated in the past, therefore making it easier for future references.

Because we hold such a vast amont of data relating to many items, we can usually provide either an accurate or guide extimate (ballpark figure) cost.


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Application for Customer Account Form

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