F.H.Lambert Limited 50 Years (1963-2013)

Metal Plating - Capabilities

Reputed to have the largest and newest precious metal plating facility, and having the largest silver plating tank, along with the greatest variety of precious metal plating tanks in the UK and Europe.

The plating plant accommodates numerous large and small tanks for ultrasonic cleaning/ degreasing, electrolytic cleaning, activating, dipping, and metal plating.

Plating Methods

Rack Plating

Rack Plating
A frame for suspending and carrying current to articles during plating and related operations. Custom designed rack-jigs assures that items do not get damaged and a quality product is produced every time. See also Our Facility in the About Us section.

Barrel Plating

Barrel Plating
Plating or cleaning in which the work is processed in bulk in a rotating container. Loose pieces, i.e. nuts, screws, pins, can be plated in large quantities.

Plating Capacity

Long plating tanks and equipment

Long plating tanks and equipment
The plating plant accommodates numerous large and small tanks for ultrasonic degreasing, electrolytic cleaning, activating, dipping, and metal plating. It boasts 8ft long tanks, the largest selection of precious metal plating process tanks and the largest silver plating tank line in the UK.

An array of tanks are kept ready to accommodate larger items. Spare tanks are also on-hand for items with unusual dimensions. Equipment can be in place to plate items as big as a fully assembled set of Boeing 747-400 staircase rails.

Pre-treatment Processes

Copper Plate Levelling

Copper Plate Levelling
An electrolytic metal plating pre-treatment process that delivers a high leveling bright finish, to help overcome imperfections in the items base metal substrate.

Bright Acid Dip

Bright Acid Dip
The bright acid dip process gives a brighter appearance and is mainly used for copper and silver alloy cleaning. The bright acid dip process also improves solderability.

Degreasing and Cleaning Methods

Ultrasonic Degreasing

Ultrasonic Cleaning/ Degreasing
Ultrasonic cleaning/ degreasing combines both a chemical cleaning detergent with the electrical action of ultrasonic waves, with excellent cleaning properties. Transducers embedded within the large tank generate ultrasonic waves, which causes a cavitation process to take place on the immersed items surface. The process is used prior to metal plating; the agitation of the solution creates a lifting action, removing either compound, oil, wax, dirt and grease from the items surface; including hard to reach areas.

F.H.Lambert has one of the largest Ultrasonic tanks in the UK.

Vapour Degreasing

Vapour Degreasing
The vapor degreasing process uses an organic solvent that dissolves the contaminants on the workpiece, and removes them by dripping off the part. The process is used prior to spray lacquering, as this removes either compound, oil, wax, dirt and grease from the items surface.

Base Metal Substrates

Metal plating onto metal and composite substrates. Most common, but not limited to:



Mild Steel
High Speed Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Alloys
Cast Iron
High-Carbon Steel
High Tensile Steel
Aluminium Alloys
Nickel Alloys
Copper Alloys
Beryllium Copper

Decorative Metal Plating

See Decorative Metal Plating in the Services section.


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