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Metal Finishing - Capabilities

Finishing Methods

Depending on the finish that is required, a number of stages will have to take place to achieve the desired result. Other factors affecting the number of stages are the condition of the material before it has been worked on, size, and shape of the piece.

Linishing/ Lapping

Linishing/ Lapping
Using the linishing technique, dependable on the item; comprises of either grinding, circular sanding, spindle, or belt sanding techniques to improve the surface finish. At this stage it is mainly used to eliminate machine milling/ press marks, dents, metal impurities/ porosity, and rough casting surfaces.

Lapping is a highly specialised method where smaller items are required to be flat, parallel, need controlling for sizing, or require a fine specific surface finish.

Metal Polishing

Metal Polishing
At F.H.Lambert, our skilled metal finishers can polish even the most difficult and awkward items; different compounds are used during the polishing process on the polishing spindle mops to gradually bring the metal to a mirror finish. The final stage is with a special rouge compound, producing the highest quality mirror finish possible.


Applyed for creating an even consistant grain effect onto the metal after it has been polished. A contemporary brushed finish, which can be applied in different grades of coarseness.

Grained effects can be established using different abrasive mops/ belts/ cloths and application pressures.

Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting
Used as a decorative finish for texturing or producing attractive matt finishes; but also, different abrasive grades are used in preparing surfaces prior to metal finishing. i.e, removal of surface contaminants.

Stop-off Masking

Stop-Off Masking

Stop-Off Masking
Typically items are plated all over, however particular areas that do not require plating can have a stop-off masking process applied. This prevents the metal plating from adhering, ideal for the configuration, fit, tolerance and cost implications on some items. On completion the stop-off masking is then simply removed to expose the nonplated area.

Decorative Metal Finishing

See Decorative Metal Finishing in the Services section.


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