F.H.Lambert Limited 50 Years (1963-2013)

Spray Lacquering

F.H.Lambert provides a complete lacquering service; offering both an air drying and oven baked clear coat lacquers that have undergone salt spray and chemical treatment testing for aviation and automotive approvals.

Baking the lacquers provides a harder and more durable layer, offering greater resistance to wear and oxidisation. It is also possible to add protective lacquers to nonplated metal objects that have been finished or tarnished.

JUNAIR Spraybooths

Spray Shop - JUNAIR Spraybooth
A dustproof spray booth for an excellent quality of lacquer application;

Dedicated department with own team
Large capacity
Positive pressured clean room – eliminating floor dust
Water wash/ filtration system – guarantees dust particles/ impurities are no larger 5 microns in size
100% removal of bounce back particles
Eliminates lacquer dust/ particles
Heated intake pressurised fan, ensuring colder months will not alter the lacquer standard
Environmentally Friendly

Tinted Lacquers
Lacquer coated finishes can create a different apperance to the surface once applied; using clear gloss, semi-gloss, and tinted lacquer variants, these can be selected to suit individual custom applications.

Staffed by a dedicated spray lacquerer, the department frequenty processes brass musical instrument lacquering as well as aviation interior décor and general parts.

A coating process that helps protect the surface from finger-print marks, minor scratching, and oxidising. See also Clear Coat Lacquer Series in the Surface Protection section.


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