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Inspection & Testing

Quality Inspection

Inspection Area

Inspection Area
Located between the polishing and plating shops, the inspection area plays a vital part in facilitating the work flow production. Long padded inspection tables, work tray racking, and packaging tables help organise the vast amount of quality control checks that are carried out by the departments own two dedicated inspectors, ensuring the highest quality standards possible.

Visual Inspections

Visual Inspections
Pre-plated and plated items are subject to stringent visual quality inspections. Representative test pieces are subsequently checked and tested for adhesion and thickness; ensuring that the test pieces are smooth, have full adherence to the substrate with no signs of de-lamination, free from blisters, pits, nodules, porosity, indications of burning, excessive edge build-up and other defects.

Aesthetic Inspections
The x-rite Ci60 Spectrophotometer; the need to meet specific colour code data, sample plaque and batch conformity requires repeatable colour data measurement. The Ci60 provides the consistency demanded to ensure batch-to-batch colour conformity.


Laboratory Laboratory
A separate area within the Plating Plant, staffed by a dedicated laboratory technician to maintain quality control and maintenance at all times on the tank process solution lines. Tank solutions are kept at optimum performance levels ensuring they meet stringent criteria. The laboratory equipment includes various testing apparatus for titration and hull cell analysis, x-ray fluorescence thickness testing, and a laboratory oven for heat adhesion testing.

X-Ray Fluorescence & Laboratory Oven

X-Ray Fluorescence
The Oxford Instruments X-Strata 920-S is a versatile tool used to examine the thickness and composition of metallic coatings. Areas of interest can be accurately measured and analysed with the aid of a microscope/video system. It can be used to verify that the metal plating meets a given specification and support a certificate of conformance.

Laboratory Oven
The Memmert UF55 laboratory oven can be used to heat test pieces up to 300°C, ensuring that there shall be no indication of the deposit becoming blistered or otherwise detached from the base metal at such high temperatures.


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