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Metal Finishing - Decorative Metal Finishing

Surface Finishes

Whatever your requirements on any given fabrications or components we are able to offer you a wide range of quality metal finishes for you to choose from, however, we can arrange to have finishing samples matched as close as possible to that of a sample provided.

Polished Polished
A smooth, mirror-like, opulent finish that reflects light.

Satin Satin
A contemporary hand-brushed (grained) finish.


A frosted, subdued, textured effect.

Pearlite Pearlite*
A slightly different frosted, subdued, textured effect that gives a pearlescent appearance with a more reflective allure.

Satin Antique Satin Antique
A blend of two separate electrodeposits that are hand-brushed. This achieves an aged look, suitable for period décor, but also for very contemporary subtle interiors.

* When considering Matt and Pearlite finishes (which are bead-blasted in order to achieve the desired textured effects) please consider that discrepancies between two separately bead-blasted articles may occur. The final textured effect from the bead-blasted surface is dependent on several variables (i.e. nozzle pressure, spray distance etc.); fluctuations in the final appearance may be detectable by eye.

There are a number of additional variations available for silver and copper coatings:


Silver antique finishes can either be satin, or have a light 'Old Cutlery' tarnish finish. A natural sheen look can be achieved with a wax coating. See also Silver Plating in the Processes section.

Copper and Brass tarnishing also come in light 'Old English' and 'Medium Bronze'. All Copper and Brass antiques can be finished with a protective clear coating to preserve the effect. Alternatively a wax coating can be applied for a softer sheen. See also Copper Plating in the Processes section.

There is a choice of coatings that can be applied to each finish:

Protective lacquer baked coating
A spray booth oven provides a dust free environment for an excellent quality of lacquer application. Baking the lacquers provides a harder and more durable layer, offering greater resistance to wear and oxidisation of the plating. It is also possible to add protective lacquers to nonplated metal objects that have been tarnished. See also Clear Coat Lacquer in the Processes section.

Clear Protection Inhibitor
A special coating process that helps protect the surface from finger-print marks, minor scratching, and corrosion. It has undergone an extensive salt spray and heat treatment testing for aviation approvals. The clear protection inhibitor is invisible, and does not alter the original overall appearance of plated or nonplated surface. See also Clear Protection Inhibitor in the Processes section.

Protective wax coating
An acid free coating which helps preserve the finish while providing a low sheen effect.
See also Clear Coat Wax in the Processes section.

Metal Finishing - Capabilities

See Metal Finishing - Capabilities in the Services section.


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