F.H.Lambert Limited 50 Years (1963-2013)

Silver Plating

Decoplate™ Bright Hard Silver Series

The silver has been selected exclusively for the use on brass musical instruments; being that the silver has a much harder scratch resistant finish compared to that of normal silver plating, whilst still retaining the lustrous bright-white shine.

We silver plate all known brass musical instruments:

Silver Plating Cornets

Silver Plating Trumpets

Silver Plating Flugel Horns
Silver Plating Trombones
Silver Plating Tenor Horns
Silver Plating Baritones
Silver Plating Euphoniums
Silver Plating Tubas
Silver Plating French Horns
Silver Plating Saxophones (Woodwind)

We typically apply 12-15μm (microns) of silver plating on all brass musical instruments; this ensures a long lasting deposit thickness. We are also able to plate greater thicknesses up to 100μm (microns) of silver if requested.

F.H.Lambert was previously contracted by Besson Musical Instruments Limited exclusively for five years to silver plate all of the company’s production line brass musical instruments. Since then, the company withdrew production from the UK, and are now being produced in France.

However, the same silver plating process line is still being used to this day; together with all the pre-treatments, and having the largest silver plating tank in the UK. The capacity is large enough to accommodate a whole Sousaphone in the tank.

Tarnish finishes can offer radically different options for both silver and copper. See Decoarative Metal Finishing for more details.


File Downloads:
Adobe Reader Aftercare Maintenance for Silver Plated Alloys 138 KB
Adobe Reader Aftercare Maintenance for Clear Coat Lacquers 141 KB


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