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Gold Plating

24K Gold Series Decoplate® 24K (3N) Hard Gold Series
Decorative & Technical

Gold denotes opulence and luxury and 24 carat is its highest grade. The rich colour complements a range of interiors, particularly those that feature dark woods. It also provides a lavish accent to blacks and burgundies.

A hard gold; with bright deposits that have good corrosion and abrasion resistance. The processes exhibit excellent deposit distribution and conductivity.

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18K Gold Series Decoplate® 18K (2N) Gold Series

A medium yellow shade of gold that adds a warm lustre to coffee colours and medium/dark woods such as mahogany.

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14K Gold Series Decoplate® 14K (1N) Gold Series

With its pale yellow hue, goes best with contemporary interiors that feature neutral colours and paler woods.

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Almond Gold Series Decoplate® Almond Gold Series

The palest shade of gold, with a very slight pink hue. Its warm but neutral tone makes it suitable for contemporary interiors and an excellent accent to pale warm woods like beech.

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Champagne Gold Series Decoplate® Champagne (1N) Gold Series

A pale greeny yellow hue of gold, this colour exudes freshness. It complements pale greens, taupes, and ivories and adds a zingy contrast to walnut and other dark woods.

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Rose Gold Series Decoplate® Rose Gold Series

Its unique pink hue differentiates it from all the other golds. It adds a touch of sparkle to earth-toned interiors and beautifully sets off cherry and teak woods.

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Hard S/S Gold Series Stainless Steel (3N) Gold Series

An ultra hard gold that is suitable for direct gilding onto stainless steel without an intermediate layer. This is particularly useful for adhesion purposes. The process is also well suited for chrome-nickel alloys, molybdenum steels and low activity nickel alloys. Excellent as a strike solution, prior to heavy deposit hard gold plating.

Having a gold alloy deposit of 99.7% gold, alloyed with 0.3% cobalt. The ultra hard bright deposits have good corrosion and abrasion resistance. The processes exhibit excellent deposit distribution and conductivity.

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