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Process Engine - Live System

December 24th, 2014

During the middle of January 2015 F.H.Lambert Ltd will be launching the exciting and highly efficient 'Process Engine'. This is a brand new live system that works in conjunction with our existing system in order for us to obtain live data as to exactly where customers work pieces are within our facility.

We have been able to accomplish this by successfully using a barcode system. Each piece of work will have its own unique barcode and will be scanned each time it moves from one process to another within our facility. Each department will have its own specific computer point or 'hub' to enable us to do this.

Not only can we track work, the system also fully conforms to AS9100. We are easily able to measure performance, not just overall, but in each specific department. This in turn, enables us to produce KPI’s, in order to evaluate how we can continually improve and meet the many expectations of our esteemed customers.




Process Engine - Live System
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