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COVID-19 - Coronavirus Update

May 29th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #8)

We are currently running at a skeletal capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Turnaround times and OTD is suspended are this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We would just like to take this opportunity to update our customers on events.

In light of the recent announcements made by the UK Government on Thursday 28th May 2020, we felt it was prudent to issue a further update to all staff, customers and suppliers.

We have expanded our skeletal staff by 1 person – bringing back another Quality Inspector to our Inspection department. This was specifically to allow us to clear a specific process related back log in order to allow for greater throughput as more staff return in the near future. This brings us up to a skeletal capacity of 66.67%.

Our standard turnaround times currently remain suspended, and our processing times are likely to be longer than normal. We will continue to process parts as quickly as we possibly can. We will be now be considering accepting jobs on our AOG service, as our skeletal staff capacity has increased and many of our customers are requesting it. These, however, must be reasonable requests and they must be agreed with us before the parts arrive on site.

We have seen a slight slowing in the increase of work arriving on site this week and we will continue to monitor this before we increase staff on site further. We will review the situation again on Friday 5th June 2020.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time.

May 15th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #7)

We hope everyone is safe and well. Given the recent announcements made by the UK Government, including a slight easing in restrictions, we feel that it is appropriate to update our customers on the situation here at F.H. Lambert Limited.

We have since expanded our skeletal staff to 17 employees, after 1 employee returned on Wednesday 13th May and 2 further employees are scheduled to return on Monday 18th May 2020. We are slowly seeing an increase in the volume of work at our site, which has driven this increase in staffing numbers. However, we are still being cautious to ensure that we can maintain safe working conditions for all of those employees who have returned to site. This means that under the current UK Government measures, we are not bringing back further employees until we can ensure their safety on site and mitigate the risks as much as possible.

We will review the situation again on Friday 29th May 2020 to assess our measures and workload before there are further increases in our skeletal staff numbers.

Our Skeletal Staff now stands at approximately 56% of our normal capacity. We would still urge customers to be realistic in their requests for work and would encourage the use of priority lists with customers so that we can target the parts that you require most urgently. Our turnaround times and OTD are still suspended and we are not accepting work on our AOG service. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause. We will continue to process your priority parts as quickly as possible, but we request patience and understanding during this Global Pandemic as we are not able to complete parts to tight deadlines.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

April 20th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #6)

We have expanded our skeletal staff numbers a little, with a further 2 more employees returning to support our partial opening. However, we have reached our safe maximum and we will not be adjusting these numbers until the UK Government change the lockdown guidelines. The current guidance was extended for 3 weeks on Thursday 16th April 2020 and is next due to be reviewed on Thursday 7th May 2020. This will be the earliest date that there may be an easing in the current situation, and we may be able to review our partial opening.

Since returning, we have had a number of customers contact us with priority lists of their parts that they would like us to focus on. We encourage this, as this enables us to concentrate our focus most on the parts that our customers require soonest. However, often, these have been accompanied by requests for completion by very tight dates.

As such, we would like to reiterate, that during these extraordinary times, and with only a limited skeletal capacity of approximately 30% of our standard processing capacity, we have suspended all turnaround/OTD times.

We will of course work to complete your priority parts as soon as practically possible, but it should be remembered by customers that F.H.Lambert Limited is only operating a Skeletal Staff, and so will not be able to complete parts to tight deadlines. We understand that you may have deadlines on orders, however within this Global Pandemic, we have to follow the UK Government advice, operate within their guidelines and must protect our employees as a priority.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

PDF To those working in manufacturing and industry in the UK (8th April 2020)
Secretary of State - Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
Hyperlink Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response GOV.UK
Hyperlink Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak World Health Organization (WHO)

April 14th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #5)

F.H. Lambert Ltd have now conducted a review of the temporary closure period that we imposed on Tuesday 24th March 2020, after the announcement of a UK wide lockdown. As indicated in our previous update (Coronavirus Update #4) F.H. Lambert Ltd have been exploring the possibility of partially reopening the factory with a skeletal staff in place to ensure that we could mitigate the risk, protect our employees, comply with the UK Government guidance on social distancing and ensure that we could continue to support our customers.

As a result of our review, from Tuesday 14th April 2020, F.H.Lambert Limited have partially reopened our facility and will begin providing our service again.

This partial reopening is with a skeletal staff and as such we are operating at a reduced capacity (approximately 30% of our standard capacity). Our Skeletal staff will be working the usual opening hours; however, we will not be performing any overtime in order to limit the risk to our employees. We will continue to process through the work that we currently have on site and we will be open for accepting new deliveries of work. However, as we are sure that you will understand at this difficult time, our turnaround times are significantly extended and our usual OTD times remain suspended until we are able to fully reopen the factory.

In order to protect the returning staff members and comply with the UK Government advice, we have introduced the following measures:

We are returning with only a skeletal staff in order to ensure that we could keep to recommended social distancing measures of at least 2 metres between individuals at all times.
Any employee that is brought back as part of the skeletal staff that can successfully perform their role from home, will be required to do so until further notice.
All doors and walkways would be secured open (and a priority over oncoming traffic system introduced where possible) to limit the contact of individuals with surfaces and others as much as practical.
All returning employees will be issued with their own boxes of gloves and masks and will be required to wear both gloves and masks at all times whilst working on the premises. This is to protect themselves as well as limit the risk of someone who shows no symptoms potentially spreading the virus.
Employees will continue to follow the stringent handwashing guidance and will wash their hands when they arrive at the factory, before and after eating and before leaving, as well as at intervals throughout the day.
Returning Employees should only attend work if they are symptom free and have not been in contact with anyone who, in the last 14 days, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or a member of their household who is displaying any symptoms of the virus.
If upon returning to work, they feel unwell with a high temperature or a cough at any point, they will be required to return home immediately and are requested not to touch any surfaces. They should then follow the UK Government and Public Health England guidance regarding self-isolation.
Returning Employees are advised to avoid public transport where possible and not to car share with anyone who is not from the same household.
Anyone who has been identified by the company or the government as a vulnerable worker must inform us immediately, as well as those who are living with someone who is currently ‘Shielding’ from COVID-19.
The company may stagger break and lunch times to ensure we limit contact as much as possible.
There will be no overtime performed until further notice, to limit the amount of time that employees are on site, in order to reduce the risk to one another as much as is practically possible.

We will conduct our next review on Tuesday 5th May 2020, a further 3-week Furlough period, to assess whether we are able to reopen the factory completely within the boundaries of the UK Governmental advice. We will continue to monitor the situation and issue any updates here on our website.

March 30th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #4)

In light of the latest information received by the UK Government, including some specifics of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the latest predictions, F.H.Lambert Limted felt it was appropriate to issue an update on what we have been doing and what the latest information means to us as a business, as well as its impact on our employees, suppliers and customers.

F.H.Lambert Limited took the action to temporarily close the business for a minimum of 3 weeks, in line with the UK Government guidelines regarding non-essential businesses and the risk to our employees of spreading the virus within the workforce. We have since taken legal advice of an Employment Law and Health & Safety nature to review if this remains the responsible and appropriate action to take. The latest advice that we have received is that this is the most appropriate response for the service that we provide, whilst maintaining the safest environment for our employees.

This decision is also compatible with the details revealed for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. All of our employees have been placed on Furlough whilst the business is temporarily closed. Each Furlough period lasts for a minimum of 3 weeks and then must be reviewed and reapplied for if appropriate.

As a result of the above, F.H.Lambert Limited will be reviewing our temporary closure on Tuesday 14th April 2020 to see if it is still the appropriate measure for our employees, our customers and our suppliers. As part of Business Continuity Planning, we are exploring the feasibility of the option of partially reopening from Tuesday 14th April 2020 with a skeletal staff. This would be a small team only to ensure that we maintained social distancing measures to limit the risk to the employees that would return at that time.

However, a return would only be possible of this is within the boundaries of the latest advice given by the UK Government at that time and if our insurance company would deem this to not be too great of a risk to our employees and the business as a whole. This provisional return is at present, at the time of the predicted peak of the epidemic in the United Kingdom and so may not be possible with further legislation introduced by the UK Government between now and then.

We have also contacted the UK Government, as well as some pharmaceutical supply-chain companies to offer our plating services at this difficult time to this essential industry.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will ensure that we keep our employees, suppliers and customers updated with the latest information as this becomes available. We will also continue to advise as to our next steps and whether a partial return will be feasible.

Should you need to contact us urgently, please use the below details:

International Telephone: 0044 7771 896 760
National Telephone: 07771 896 760
Email: jamie@fhlambert.com

March 24th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #3)

The UK government declared a state of national emergency and advised all non-essential workplaces to close. These measures will be enforced for the next 3 weeks before a review. F.H Lambert Limited will continue to monitor the situation and continue to update the website as more information becomes available.

This is a difficult decision to make, but in keeping with the latest social distancing measures that have been announced, F.H.Lambert Limited has reviewed its operations and evaluated these as non-essential. As per the guidelines, and to combat the threat of spreading disease between households, it has been decided that it is in the best interests of our employees, our suppliers, our customers and the nation as a whole, that we do our bit in the effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 - Coronavirus.

The factory will be closed, and all employees will be isolating at home as per the government advice. We will be suspending all operations and lead times until the UK Government deems the risk low enough to return to work.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, suppliers and customers for their continued support at this difficult time and we apologise to anyone that this closure impacts. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the government advice.

March 19th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #2)

Having assessed the latest government guidance on COVID-19 and the new advice to businesses and individuals, we have issued this update to our customers and suppliers.

Certain individuals who have been identified as specifically vulnerable within the company will be moving into lockdown as per the government guidance. We have also been informed of some minor disruption from self-isolation within our supply chain.

Our suppliers are also now beginning to cease non-critical visits to ourselves as a precaution, in line with us stopping non-urgent visits to our customers.

We have seen an influx of work arriving on site and we may need to review temporarily suspending our target turnaround times during this period to identify what is achievable, whilst still providing the same quality product. Other customers are now requesting work that has entered into our process, be placed on hold until they have assessed their situation and airline industry needs. This is causing us significant disruption to our process flow, isolating and quarantining work from the process and subsequent redistribution of resources and reprioritisation of parts. All of this impacts upon our lead times and delivery targets.

Whilst F.H. Lambert Limited remains committed to limiting the impact of the virus on our services and deliveries, we are making our customers aware that due to these uncertain circumstances, there may be an effect on our ability to meet all of our On Time Delivery (OTD) targets.

We will endeavour to minimise the disruption as much as possible and we will remain vigilant in following the latest UK Government and NHS advice to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff members.

The latest UK Government advice is that schools in Wales, Scotland and England will shut from the end of this week (Friday 20th March 2020). With this in mind, F.H. Lambert Limited will take the necessary precautions, but OTD and lead times could be affected as staff require time off to take care of their children.

March 16th, 2020 - (COVID-19 Coronavirus Update #1)

With the government announcing the United Kingdom is transitioning into its second phase for COVID-19 – the Delay Phase, F.H. Lambert Limited have deemed it appropriate to update our customers and suppliers on our strategy for dealing with the current COVID-19 outbreak and limiting its effects on our organisation and our ability to provide our service.

The current situation with the COVID-19 virus is fast moving and ever changing. As a company we are taking all of the necessary precautions to protect ourselves, our employees and our customers from the virus and its effects.

Outside of London, Hertfordshire has the most cases of COVID-19 in England and as a company we are mindful of the risk. We have a duty of care to all of our staff and a responsibility to ensure that the work environment that we provide is safe and healthy. We have identified some members of staff who are vulnerable to an outbreak of COVID-19 and are taking the necessary precautions.

As part of this, F.H. Lambert Limited has decided to reduce its supplier and customer visits at this time as a way to manage the potential chance of a COVID-19 outbreak reaching the company. We would also advise communication is made via telephone, post or email, rather than visiting the factory unless absolutely necessary.

At this current time, we do not foresee any issues to the service we provide or any supply issues, however, this is subject to change and we are liaising with our suppliers to ensure that we are aware of any potential issues with supply of materials. We ensure an appropriate level of stock is maintained and we currently have not been informed of any supply issues from our suppliers.

We will do all we can to ensure that we can continue to provide our service with as little effect to our customers as possible.

However, if the time comes that we need to prioritize the health, safety and welfare of our employees, we will act with humanity to protect the health of our team and our long-term business interests, which could result in some delays with the processing of orders and On Time Delivery. If this becomes the case, we will keep our customers informed and we will do everything possible to limit the impact to customers.

We will continue to monitor the situation and the government and NHS advice on best practices and will be following their suggestions. We will provide any further updates via this page.

News - COVID-19 - Coronavirus Update
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