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Brass Instruments - Repairs & Renovation

F.H.Lambert are recognised as the largest brass musical instrument repair and renovation specialist in the UK for trade companies and the general public.

Offering a brass instrument service of repairs and renovation; to high quality metal and brass polishing, lacquering, bright hard silvering, precious metal plating, and also component polishing, all in-house.

From the smallest jobs such as replacing a spring, or re-corking a tenon joint, to the highly skilled and time consuming job of a complete overhaul, and lacquering; every care is taken to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and full customer satisfaction.

Services offered:
Routine Servicing

Cleaning (Ultrasonic Cleaning/ Degreasing and Vapour Degreasing)

Metal Finishing
Metal Plating
Spray Lacquering
Restoration (Repairs and Debruising)
Custom Metal Engraving

Repairs Workshop

Repairs Workshop

The day to day general use of a brass instrument will sometimes mean that they get damaged from a slight knock or a sudden drop.

F.H.Lambert have experienced highly skilled craftsman which use modern and traditional techniqes to repair and debruise brass instruments; bringing any instrument back to a looking-like-new standard; removing large or small dents, burrs, and any other problems. See also Repairs & Restoration in the Services section.

All work is carried out within our own facilities
All is work carried out by trained craftsman with years of experience

Traditional repair skills combined with the latest know-how to give excellent quality repairs

Same day service by appointment, please contact us
All work carried out within agreed timescale and costs
Valuations supplied for insurance, and insurance work undertaken
All services carry a three month guarantee while all re-pads & overhauls are subject to a full 12 month guarantee
Modifications carried out to meet any special requirements

Repairs Workshop

Repair Prices
Any repair work will be charged at our normal labour rate; plus the cost of the materials and VAT (See Retail and Trade Price Lists below). We choose not to publish our repairs and renovation prices due to each brass instrument repair being different.

Please note that an inspection of the instrument is necessary to give an accurate estimate on any repair prices.

We repair all known brass instruments:


Flugel Horns
Tenor Horns
French Horns
Saxophones (Woodwind)

To keep your brass instrument in good working order, we recommend that you have it maintained and serviced at regular intervals.

Customise Your Brass Instrument

Not only do we renovate and repair musical instruments, but we can also assist in designing your own instrument to suit; the way it plays, looks and feels.

A unique instrument stands out; customly designed by you, for you.

Customise Your Brass Instrument
We can:
Modifiy Springs and Corks
Modify any Component(s):
- Bell
- Valve Group
- Slides
- Pipe Work
Custom Metal Finishing
Custom Metal Plating
Provide Custom Metal Engraving

We provide you with a guide estimate (ballpark figure) and then a final quotation once we have the necessary information in relation to your items.

Retail Price List

File Downloads:
Adobe Reader Retail Price List (January 2012) 100 KB

Trade Price List



Brass Instruments - Repairs & Renovation
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